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Writings inspired by my studies of Rajanaka, a form Shakta Tantra as taught by Dr. Douglas Brooks.

Uncertainty’s Mad Lover

They say nature abhors a vacuum. Therefore, create a sweet warm home in your life for not knowing; let it be a permanent and honored guest. Have a relaxing tea with your confusion. Take a warm luxurious bath with your … Continue reading

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Yoga Is Not One Thing

Being a yoga teacher and with many friends involved with yoga as a practice, business, and philosophical system, I often encounter rants about the dumbing down of yoga within our culture. “This McYoga is not real yoga!” they seem to … Continue reading

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Believe it or not, the universe doesn’t care how you or I think life should be. Expecting life or other people to conform to our “shoulds” is a formula for creating our own private hell. Judge (discern, evaluate) how life … Continue reading

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The Case for Magical Thinking

I believe life is magical. Not the new age magic that sprinkles rainbows and fairy dust on everything in a vain attempt to paper over the uncertainties of life, but a more mature view that sees magic in the alchemy … Continue reading

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Sahaja: The Wordless Wisdom of the Body

I enjoy watching people. My new favorite place to do this is the grocery store, especially the lines at the front. Despite the forced intimacy of strangers crowded together into lines, it’s so common in most of our lives as … Continue reading

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Where ‘da Guru?

“Did you find a Guru over there?”. It was said tongue in cheek; a little tease of a question. I had just come back from India, the “land of the Guru’s”. It got me thinking about the idea of a … Continue reading

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Why do we choose to suffer?

The Buddhists connect our suffering with desire. Although there is a connection, the Buddhists make a grave error, and that errors results in their 3rd noble truth: to end our suffering we must end our craving. Talk about throwing out … Continue reading

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The Secret of Success

Yesterday I learned the secret of success. I was taking a workshop from the brilliant Tantric teacher Douglas Brooks. He was talking about some concepts I’d heard him speak of several times before, but this time the pieces fell into … Continue reading

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It’s a mystery

The mystic said “Uncertainty is my religion”. I wonder what that means.

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Can We Talk?

I was on the worlds most popular social media site the other day. A very well known yoga philosopher with thousands of friends (most of whom probably don’t know each other) posted an article. The article was written by the … Continue reading

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