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The Puppeteers

Her puppet was devilishly adorable. His was disarmingly charming. His puppet joked; hers laughed, as he fell into the spell. She knew the game but not the stakes. As the puppets danced, the puppeteers forgot themselves, caught up in the … Continue reading

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Life recycled

I found a dead bird in my garden yesterday morning. Coming back later, it’s body was gone. Food for another I suppose. Driving in my car, a bird swoops under my tire for a tiny morsel of death. Swerve, thump, … Continue reading

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It’s a mystery

The mystic said “Uncertainty is my religion”. I wonder what that means.

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Wisdom is distilled Pain

There’s a rock in my shoe and it hurts. The pain is calling on me to wake up, pay attention, and do something about it. In this case, doing something about it is easy, but that is not always true. … Continue reading

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