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Polishing the Heart

The stone pictured above was given to me by a friend who collected it on an Oregon beach. It’s been polished smooth by rubbing up against other stones over countless cycles of the moon; all rough edges taken away. It … Continue reading

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Uncertainty’s Mad Lover

They say nature abhors a vacuum. Therefore, create a sweet warm home in your life for not knowing; let it be a permanent and honored guest. Have a relaxing tea with your confusion. Take a warm luxurious bath with your … Continue reading

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Leading with the body

Like many people, I grew up with the idea that the mind is the source of intelligence and the body is at best a loyal servant. This was expressed in ideas like “Mind over Matter”, and “The spirit is strong, … Continue reading

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Trauma is Spiritual Rocket Fuel

The image above is a collision trace used in particle physics. Scientists accelerate subatomic particles to great speeds and smash them together. When the particles collide, they dissociate into components and physicists use that information to get a better understanding … Continue reading

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nineteen things I wish I had known early in life

One day when I was very young, a warm and benevolent voice said these things to me: Wisdom is distilled pain. Everybody experiences loss, betrayal, and trauma. You can turn away from pain through denial or blame, but both keep … Continue reading

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Is there an optimum human population on this planet?

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, people were concerned about overpopulation, what the earth’s “carrying capacity” was, and where we were in relation to that capacity. It seems that the dire predictions of the times did not come … Continue reading

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What is a conscious relationship?

A dear friend asked that question on facebook a few days ago. She created a private group and invited 80 or so people just to talk about this question. I was reluctant to respond, not because I had nothing to … Continue reading

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