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We find that which we seek

The law of attraction seems to state that if you think the right thoughts, you will get the right results in your life. This seems the ultimate in hubris and would tend to make someone a control freak. Life is … Continue reading

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Wild Things

We come out of the womb as Wild Things, with a diverse set of untamed energies, some of which are contradictory, and all of which are part of our life force. Through the socialization process, these energies get tamed, inhibited, … Continue reading

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The Disease of Niceness

Act 1, Scene 1: Mother: “Sally, give that toy back to your younger sister, she was playing with it first” . Sally: “But I want to play with it!” Mother: “Sally, don’t be selfish, no one will like you if … Continue reading

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Believe it or not, the universe doesn’t care how you or I think life should be. Expecting life or other people to conform to our “shoulds” is a formula for creating our own private hell. Judge (discern, evaluate) how life … Continue reading

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You are the person you’ve been waiting for

Self love is something we all understand in our bones, yet few grasp consciously. We gravitate to people who love themselves because we want to learn to love ourselves too; they regard themselves with love and we want to learn … Continue reading

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The Window of Soul

The window of the soul can be obscured by many things: our fears and worries, the stories we tell ourselves, and our cherished beliefs. When our window is dirty, it is harder for us to see out, and harder for … Continue reading

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The road of success

The road of success is littered with failures. Don’t let failure stop you; learn, change direction if needed, and keep going.

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