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Yoga Is Not One Thing

Being a yoga teacher and with many friends involved with yoga as a practice, business, and philosophical system, I often encounter rants about the dumbing down of yoga within our culture. “This McYoga is not real yoga!” they seem to … Continue reading

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The Disease of Niceness

Act 1, Scene 1: Mother: “Sally, give that toy back to your younger sister, she was playing with it first” . Sally: “But I want to play with it!” Mother: “Sally, don’t be selfish, no one will like you if … Continue reading

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Believe it or not, the universe doesn’t care how you or I think life should be. Expecting life or other people to conform to our “shoulds” is a formula for creating our own private hell. Judge (discern, evaluate) how life … Continue reading

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You are the person you’ve been waiting for

Self love is something we all understand in our bones, yet few grasp consciously. We gravitate to people who love themselves because we want to learn to love ourselves too; they regard themselves with love and we want to learn … Continue reading

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The road of success

The road of success is littered with failures. Don’t let failure stop you; learn, change direction if needed, and keep going.

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The Case for Magical Thinking

I believe life is magical. Not the new age magic that sprinkles rainbows and fairy dust on everything in a vain attempt to paper over the uncertainties of life, but a more mature view that sees magic in the alchemy … Continue reading

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Why do we choose to suffer?

The Buddhists connect our suffering with desire. Although there is a connection, the Buddhists make a grave error, and that errors results in their 3rd noble truth: to end our suffering we must end our craving. Talk about throwing out … Continue reading

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