Wild Things

We come out of the womb as Wild Things, with a diverse set of untamed energies, some of which are contradictory, and all of which are part of our life force. Through the socialization process, these energies get tamed, inhibited, or locked up, so that we can appear consistent in our presentation of self; i.e. so we can be an adult. This type of consistency shrivels our vitality, giving free reign to only a small fraction of our life force. Since life force is what animates the body, I think these socialized inhibitions might make us age faster than we otherwise would.

We spend the first part of our lives getting socialized to damp down the Wild Things, and then spend the rest of our lives wandering in the dark trying to find them again. Authentic spiritual practice can help us to find and reclaim them. If your practice is inhibiting your life force, it’s not really spiritual, even if it is religious.

The greatest spiritual practice for me has been dance. It bypasses the mind, and in the right environment, can allow all these suppressed facets of who I am to emerge and be reclaimed. Our essential nature is not one thing, it is many things: we are multifaceted beings. There is no need to be consistent, and no need to be entertaining, the only need is to be authentic to what is; to embrace our Wild Things. To be truly whole, we must embrace our contradictions.

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