You know you’ve arrived when you . . .

  • No longer need to get somewhere else to be happy,
  • Stop worrying about the future and start enjoying the moments of your life,
  • Don’t get upset when little things don’t go your way,
  • Treat others with kindness just because they’re near you,
  • Spend time really listening to others,
  • Are willing to experience deeply and share with friends how you really feel,
  • Think more about what you can give than what you can get,
  • Have forgiven everyone who has hurt you because you just don’t enjoy the feeling of blame,
  • Are responsible for your own happiness, and let others be responsible for theirs,
  • Allow yourself to appear inconsistent outwardly in order to be consistent with your heart,
  • Realize that, despite what you may have experienced in your childhood, you actually DO deserve to be loved,
  • Realize that everyone else deserves to be loved too.

The interesting thing about the above list is that none of them depend on fame or material wealth. It only depends on one’s attitude. You can decide to arrive anytime.

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