How to Care for Your Relationships

We can plant the seed, cover it with fertile soil, water it, and place it in the sunlight, but we can’t make it grow. If the seed sprouts, we can continue to care for it, but we can’t make it grow faster that it wants to. Too much water and we will drown it. Too little and it will dry up. Too little sunlight will stunt it’s growth, and too much will burn the leaves. Through neglect or intentional harm, it is really easy to kill the plant. There is nothing we can do to force it to grow. It is supported by our care, but it grows by grace.

Relationships are a lot like this too. We can’t force someone to like us or love us. Whether it grows or not is out of our control. We can only provide care to nurture its growth. To care for a relationship, provide attention, acceptance, affection and appreciation, and allow the person and the relationship to grow and change, as it will. Relationships are easy to kill by neglect or intentional harm. If a relationship grows, it is by grace, and not through force of will. Appreciate your relationships, for they are a gift. Allow them to change, for that is their nature. When a relationship ends, grieve the loss, but be happy for what it’s given you.

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2 Responses to How to Care for Your Relationships

  1. Kay Compton says:

    I love your poem/blog, How to Care for Your Relationships. (I saw your link on facebook after reading Janice’s blog, “The Invitation”.) I especially like your comparison of the growth of relationships to the growth of a plant. “It is supported by our care, but grows by grace.”
    I have been giving moral support to a friend who is in a difficult relationship and was pleased to be able to forward your link to him. Throughout our lives we are all working on improving our relationships, with our significant others, our children, our friends and family. I am sure I will often come back to your words of wisdom. Thank you.

  2. alrishi says:

    Thank you so much Kay, I really appreciate your heart felt response. I wrote the poem when I was going through some relationship difficulties. This particular “download” was teaching me a better way to regard relationships. I had some attachments where I unconsciously viewed the relationship as an entitlement, rather than a gift freely given. This of course came from my fear of being alone. I think I had the poem on my altar for a year; it has guided me ever since.

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