Vortex in South India

I wrote this in my notebook on January 5th, while in Swamimali, TN, India:

6am: I woke up an hour ago to a short burst of rain. Shortly thereafter, there was a cacaphony of sounds around me as the city woke up: recorded chants, cars, birds singing, and the suns first glow.

Hallway at the hotel in SwamimaliPortico

I went to an open grand hallway with large checkered marble floor. Outside on the portico, I did a little yoga – stiff and slow organic motions as I listened to the vortex of sound. It’s like a giant ever swirling pool of celebratory energy. There’s an unseen gravitational force around which everything revolves. It has no name or label. It is all religions, all people, all practices; and it is unrelenting. I want to turn if off, even for a moment. There is nature and beauty here, but everywhere mixed in with human endeavor.

There’s a bird in the trees, singing it’s insistent call, louder and louder as though it’s trying to be heard over the din.

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1 Response to Vortex in South India

  1. I love the way the birds seem to just kind of fit in with the rest of the beings there- sharing the mentality. Or maybe the people are more like the animals & birds. I mean that in a good way.

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